The art of selling physical products online. Learn essential skills such as product research, branding, and marketing.

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Fact Sheet

What can you learn:
In the e-Com channel you will learn how to sell products online. That could be Dropshipping - marketing products and then shipping them to the consumer, never actually touching the product yourself,

Private Label - Taking a product and putting your own brand on it and marketing it,
Self Brand - Designing, manufacturing and marketing your own product.

You will learn how to pick a profitable product to sell, where to source it and how to identify winners,

You will learn the technicalities behind setting up your store, taking payments and how to ship the goods,

You will learn how to market the product, whether using paid ads like Facebook, Instagram or Google; or organic traffic like TikTok or SEO.

How long does it take to start earning:
Some student's get sales within 24 hours of setting up a store, others it takes a week or two. It can depend on your marketing methods, your skill level, and sometimes a bit of luck.

How much money do I need to start:
- $2,000 - E-com Dropshipping
- $5,000 - E-com Personal Brand
It's recommended that you have a healthy budget when you start eCom. However, with the rise of TikTok organic ads going viral, it can also be done for very little up front investment.

Anything else?
The professors inside the eCom store have turned literally $millions in eCom, and have been in the trenches for years. You are in good hands.