Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hustlers University 2.0 cost?

The cost of Hustlers University 2.0 is $50/month.

This is unbelievable value for the information you get access too.

The community is extremley active, and there is no time during the day that it is quiet. Thousands of messages are posted per day throughout 100+ channels, from dedicated professors giving advice and answering questions, to students sharing game, and whats working for them.

Almost all students who put in the work, and follow the tutorials can make this back within the first month, most within the first week!

Can I cancel Hustlers University 2.0 easily?

Canceling HU membership is super simple and a very quick process.

All it takes is going to the membership portal at this link , logging in with the email, and then pressing Cancel Subscription.

That's it.

Should you need further assistance, the friendly 24/7 LiveChat is happy to help at

You can also check this post out for a more in-depth look at cancelling.

Can I look inside first?

Yes. Check out the video reviews, where you gain a sneak peak inside of the Hustlers University 2.0 Discord channel

Is Hustlers University 2.0 a scam?

Absolutely not. Once you are inside you will realize how ridiculous this is. It's also a broke mindset. 36,000 people and rising by over 1,000 per day, and people think its a scam????

However, there are people who will fail and probably call it a scam. These people simply didn't put in the work required and expected it to be a magic pill that would start printing money for them.

It is the job of the professors within HU2.0 to guide you through the process of your chosen method, and teach you how to make money. It is on you to put in the effort!

For a more in depth answer to this question, check this page.

What can I learn in Hustlers University 2.0?

The current categories to learn from within HU2.0 are:[Click the links to learn more]

  • Crypto - [Trading, NFTs, DeFi, Buy/sell signal and more]

  • e-Commerce - [Drop shipping, Shopify, Advertising, Branding + more]

  • Stocks - [Options, Futures, Day trading, Buy/Sell Signals + more]

  • Copywriting - [How to write to sell, How to sell the service + more]

  • Amazon - [Private Label, Product Research, Fulfillment + more]

  • Affiliate Marketing - [Marketing, Offers, Landing pages + more]

  • Freelancing - [How to choose a skill, How to gain clients + more]

There is also sections for personal finance, investing, how to choose a skill based on your time/money, daily voice chat Q&A's and regular posts from Tate himself.

How much money do I need to get started with Hustlers University 2.0?

You need $50 to get started with HU2.0 and start earning money. Thats the initial investment to get you inside for the month.

Once you are inside, then its up to you. There are methods you can choose to learn that require no upfront investment, and others that require an investment, and all levels in between.

The methods are broken down into the following matrix:
Cash Rich/Time Rich
Cash Rich/Time Poor
Cash Poor/Time Rich
Cash Poor/Time poor

Each one has a skill that is suited towards it.
Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing, for example, require ZERO or very little upfront investment to start making money, just time.

Check out the Cash Method pages to see how much you need to get started.

How do I join Hustlers University 2.0?

Click this link to sign up now.

Where is Hustlers University 2.0 hosted?

HU2.0 is hosted on Discord

Whos is behind Hustlers University 2.0?

HU2.0 was created by self made multimillionaire Andrew Tate, and is run by his hand picked team of millionaire professors in their respective field of expertise.

Is Hustlers University 2.0 full of spammers and scammers?

No! Spamming and shilling products is forbidden and a bannable offence.

Hustlers University is massive [36,000 students at the time of writing], and with that comes a large team of moderators and professors.

This is a place for talking about HOW TO MAKE MONEY, not trying to make money from other students.

Anybody caught DMing members trying to elicit money/products/ services, will be quickly banned and removed.

What makes Hustlers University 2.0 so Special?

HU2.0 is a community of !!! members, dedicated to one thing only. Making CASH!
No politics talk, no football talk, no general chat channels. NO BULLSHIT. Just MONEY.

Every month a Student of the month is picked, and this individual wins a prize. Each category picks a student of the week, from which the student of the month is chosen.

There are competitions between channels for who made the most cash. Cash prizes of course. The top affiliates get a cash bounty. Everything is a competition and everything is incentivized with CASH.

Every HU2.0 member has the chance to pitch an idea to Andrew Tate and his team for consideration. If its a good idea that can make CASH, you may get an investment!

There really is nothing else like this out there at the moment.

I personally have joined similar discord channels and always left because of how inactive they were. This is no longer a problem.

You will NEVER run out of notifications, or money-making content to read, with Hustlers University 2.0.